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The Fountain on Jadranski Trg

2001 / Jadranski trg, Rijeka

The Fountain on Jadranski Trg
The Fountain on Jadranski Trg

When decorating Jadranski Trg (the Adriatic Square) 1992, ​​a big spatially-formal and functional error was made. Exclusively from decorative and formalistic reasons the square included two raised Neo-baroque forms, large pots of greenery.

Particular nuisance to the very intense, diagonal flow of pedestrians from riječki Neboder (Rijeka Skyscraper) to the main promenade Korzo (Corso) and vice versa is represented in the western flower pot. Between the pot and the nearby lighting column one of the major metropolitan centers of pedestrian flows must be channeled through a very narrow passage, only 2.25m wide.

This urban action suggests the complete removal of this bulky spatial barrier.


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