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Railroad Overpass Rijeka-Ljubljana

2001 / Rijeka, Liburnijska ulica

Railroad Overpass Rijeka-Ljubljana
Railroad Overpass Rijeka-Ljubljana

Beyond Liburnijska ulica (Liburnia Street), an overpass of the main railway (Rijeka-Pivka-Ljubljana) is located rather roughly. It is an important building object of traffic infrastructure. The large, elevated corpus of the railway overpass is laid on massive concrete pillars and visually dominates the street.

The overpass has for decades been in a state of neglect and this significantly affects the negative impression of any passer-by and vehicle passengers in the western entrance to the town center.

This Urban Action proposes the uses of broad possibilities of art interventions that can significantly sophisticate the appearance of the abandoned overpass.

This proposal simulates only one of many possibilities: an implication of multiplied images (by the famous painter P. Mondrian) on the concrete construction and overpass fencing.

Similar art solutions that could be subjected to separate public competitions would certainly contribute to the correction of this neglected urban view. In addition, the setup of valuable artwork in the public urban space would contribute with an extra artistic and educational significance.


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