Sava Park, Remetinec and Tromostovlje


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Competition, Urbanism


Savski park, Remetinec, Tromostovlje,
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Borko Zugan, Srđan Škunca, Tomislav Štivić, Vladi Bralić


Vedrana Ljubić, Vladimir Čavar

The areas of Savski park (Sava Park), Remetinec and Tromostovlje in Zagreb are together located within a space which is in imperative need of a further spatial-urban growth.

In the larger sense, the issue lays in the area south of River Sava, which has been, over the past thirty years, identified exclusively as a traffic corridor for entering the city through Jadranska avenija (Adriatic Avenue). Also, the traffic building of rotor has become the narrowest spot of touching the urban tissue:traditional Savska or current Avenija Dubrovnik.

In the regular sense, this area usually exemplifies as a double challenge:

  • To exceed the semantic level of a graduate and therefore the axle of Jadranska avenija, and to build on such an identity through using the physiognomy of the space;
  • For Sava not to (be)come to a dirty canal but rather Zagreb’s water avenue.

A certain specification of the solution to this competition work can be found in the urban suggestion for decorating the Sava promenade. The promenade would be supported with new structures, contents and users and it would also be embedded into the continuity of the urban deck. In this way, the promenade would stop being an isolated space, of use to a limited number of people but it would become a public space of a versatile specter of urban aspiration.

Part of the structures outflanks Sava’s inundation space, and the urban deck descends in a stairway shaped manner of the levee, making the inundation space its integral part, and so it can now be used as a recreational space, a playground, small pool area etc.

On the left coast of Sava, there is a triangular area between Vrapčanski Stream and Lake Jarun. This suggestion includes digging this area out and converting the space into a river marina, but also a water area (a stream-lake touching point) which can perhaps host a water park or a similar content.

Besides connections to the traffic, railway and pedestrian bridges, we suggest connecting the banks of Sava with a boat line also. The boat line would connect multiple opposite coast points and urban spaces.

The work was awarded purchase prize.