Zrinski Castle - an Exhibition


Implemented project

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Year of implementation:



Public, Tourism, Culture, Education


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Value of investment:

2,000,000.00 €


City of Delnice, Promorje-Gorski kotar county


Arhitektonsko-građevinski atelje d.o.o.

Project team:

Arsen Čupev, , , Vedrana Ljubić, Vladi Bralić

Additional projects:

Construction Project: Građevinski atelje, d.o.o., Marin Franolić
Electro-installation Project: Riteh, d.o.o., Eduard Vivoda
Thermo-technical Installations Project: Davor Žanetić

The Castle of Zrinski is located in Brod na Kupi and it is protected as cultural property of Republic of Croatia. It represents a constituent part of a larger complex surrounded by a wall that has once also included the adequate outbuildings and the Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

The chosen method for an active preservation is the method of adaptation – revitalization of the castle into a continuous exhibition themetizing forestry, fishing and hunting; it is believed to be the best way of preserving this building. The method involving adaptation and revitalization is one of most effective ways for contemporary protection and overall organization of the architectural heritage and also, its involvement into current flows of life, a method for reassuring that this heritage may be permanently preserved.

In accordance to the conservatory directions, the entrance and the interior of the building has been thoroughly renovated. The new disposition is adapted to its new function as well as to the memorial, ambient and spatial characteristics of the building itself.