Floating Discotheque


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Bays and Coves, the Adriatic,
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Vladi Bralić, Zdenko Sila (†)

After the damaging of the construction of the platform Labin, used for exploitation of the deeper areas of the sea bottom, in the overhaul shipyard Viktor Lenac (Rijeka), a project has started. It included developing a special caissons designed for underwater works in repairing the damaged platform.

Since the caisson was successfully used in 1989, in repairing the platform, a new consideration occurred. It was how to re-use the platform, but this time as an attractive tourist facility.

The analysis of the caisson has shown that this specific, polygonal, shipbuilding and technological structure can, under certain shipbuilding operations, be suitably adjusted into a floating disco bar that could anchor in tourist bays and harbors of the Adriatic Sea.

A special feature of this floating disco bar would be the possibility of an original art design by using catchy elements of lighting, awnings, greenery, aquariums and the like.

In addition, the floating disco could rotate around its own axis, modify its draft, rise and lower the intradeck constructions open and close the roof dome etc.