Julije Klović Croata - a Memorial Collection


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Public, Culture, Education


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Općina Grižane, Promorje-Gorski kotar county


Arhitektonsko-građevinski atelje d.o.o.

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Arsen Čupev, Vladi Bralić

Julije Klović (ITA. Giorgio Giulio Clovio - Croata), (born in Grižane 1498, died in Rome  1578), was a Croatian painter-miniaturist, called also The Michelangelo of Miniatures. At the age of 18, Julije goes to Venice where he is taught painting by one of Raphael’s students. His work takes him to Hungary and then back to Italy where in Mantova he becomes a priest and lives in a convent near Padova. He then leaves priesthood and works throughout Italy: Perugia, Rome, Florence, Parma, Piacenza...

He was at a point connected to Michelangelo, Vasari, Bruegel, and Colonna as well as to El Greco who made two portraits of Klović. His miniatures and illuminations of his handwritings are kept around the world: Beatissimae Mariae Virginis Officium (London), Stanze di Eurialo d'Ascoli (Vienna), Časoslov Farnese or Officium Virginis (New York).

The County of Primorje and Gorski kotar (Primorsko-goranska županija) and the Township of Grižane (Općina Grižane) have planned to organize a memorial collection in honor of Julije Klović. It should have been located within the former elementary school building in Grižane.

The basic concept of presenting the memorial collection lays behind the idea of enabling the visitors to chronologically overview the work and life of Julije Klović in a continuing line, since birth in Grižane until death in Rome.

The most prominent exhibit of this collection is Klović’s masterpiece , Časoslov Farnese (1537-1546), made for exhibiting in dark spaces inside an illuminated showcase. In consideration, this space has no other exhibits or information; the visitors can calmly behold and reflect upon the magnificent reach of miniature painting, represented through a global masterpiece.