Prototype of the Modular Unit of Kraš Food Industry


Project not implemented

Year of designing:





Kraš food industry, Zagreb


Arhitektonsko-građevinski atelje d.o.o.

Project team:

Borko Zugan, Vladi Bralić

The project developed a concept for modeling modular units of storage facilities in the food industry Kraš d.d. from Zagreb. A modular unit is conceived as formally recognizable building that can be built in different geographic locations in accordance with the actual needs of the industry.

The unit is designed in architectural stylization of one of the famous products of the food industry. The stylization is achieved by applying portal and roof panels made ​​of aluminum and polycarbonate, thermo isolating panels that in color and proportion suggest the appearance of well-known products.

The entrance to the building is accentuated by working platforms for loading and unloading of goods that are covered and protected by curtains with a logo of the society.
The possibility to connect multiple identical modular units in a variety of interpersonal layouts is provided for.