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Manufacturing of all necessary projects: We deliver all the necessary projects and technical studies for project construction, interior design, landscaping design, building design, projecting of the final outcome, demolition projects and the assessment of the current condition of the building. During our working period we have created over a hundred projects of different content and form. In the architectural domain, we offer idea projects that represent a basic concept of technical, functional and design solutions, and can be used to obtain building permits and other building documents; also, main projects that include technical and other solutions to meet the essential building requirements, as prescribed by law, and are used for obtaining a building permit and approving of the main project as well as the final design of the project, focused on the construction process details of execution and supervision.

Creating architectural studies and visualization: We produce architectural studies and visualization in modern technology of three-dimensional (3D) computer graphics or traditional technology including model development in order to verify (and inquire about) the spatial concept as well as to communicate the vision of architectural and urban design to investors and planners.

Developing projects for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage: We perform professional work of documenting immovable cultural property, and making preliminary and detailed design on immovable cultural property. Individual authorizations from the Croatian Ministry of Culture to carry out these operations have been assigned to Borko Zugan and Vladi Bralić (architects). As part of the program for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings registered monuments or located in areas of protected urban locations, we have created a number of projects (renovation of sacral buildings, re-purposing, reconstruction of roofs and facades dating from Historicism, Art Nouveau and Modernism in the Protected Urban Complex of Rijeka etc.).

Developing of spatial planning documents: We perform professional planning under the authority of Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction. We provide with the urban (UPU) and the spatial plan (PPU, GUP), reports on the situation in the area, and perform tasks related to the preparation and adoption of the plan documents. The development of urban studies, analysis, and variant urban-architectural solutions represents a special domain of our interest that is to interrogate space and opportunities for future its development.

Construction supervision: We provide professional and projecting supervision of construction until the finalization of the architectural concept, as established in our projects; thus ensuring the execution of the works is in accordance with all applicable regulations.

Keeping an integrated process of design and construction: We provide with consulting services and integrated management of the design process as well as of the construction, on behalf of the investors, with a view of implementing a legal and successful construction, in accordance with its needs and interests.