Zlator apartment building


Implemented project

Year of designing:


Year of implementation:





Pulska ulica 23, Kantrida, Rijeka,
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Spatial scope

interior 960.00 m2, exterior 1,600.00 m2

Value of investment:

2,000,000.00 €



Arhitektonsko-građevinski atelje d.o.o.

Project team:

Arsen Čupev, Borko Zugan, Vladi Bralić



The basic form of architecture of residential buildings architecture is its hollowed and fragmented volume.

In its central part, the volume is hollowed with space passing through the corpus of the building, while the volume around the hollow column encompasses and surrounds it.

On the roof of the building, structural bodies are directed toward the sky and this where the space narrows.

In this case, the volume and space have a very specific relationship that contributes to the functionality of the building, as well as its integration into the surrounding space.

The empty space in the central part of the building works as a functional passage that connects apartments with open areas and a beautiful pebble beach.

Fragmented volume at the top of the building contributes to the intimacy between the apartments and the visual connection with the industrial environment of the nearby shipyard "3. maj".