Interpretacijski centar Ronjgi



Year of designing:



Interior, Culture


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Arhitektonsko-građevinski atelje d.o.o.

Project team:

Arsen Čupev, Borko Zugan, Kristina Žuvela, Vladi Bralić


Luka Ilić, Tea Sulovsky

Additional projects:

Coordinator: Diana Grgurić

The ground floor plan of the Interpretational Center Ronjgi consists of a prominent exhibition space where multimedia installations are housed, as well as other accompanying areas without which it is not possible to organize the entire space into an architectural ensemble, namely: lobbies, windshiel areas, info pults, wardrobe, curator's office, office and firefighting, climate chambers, and sanitary fixtures (male and female toilets, and toilets for people with reduced mobility).

The exhibition area is conceived of four thematic units that explain to the visitors the phenomenon  of sound by ranging it from its natural tones to its particularities (traditional music) studied by the composer Ivan Matetić Ronjgov. Of course, this space stands out in relation to other spaces in the Center as the main and most important exhibit intended for sightseeing and active use of a total of twelve exhibition installations.

In order to provide visitors the understanding of the thematic divisions of space, each of the four thematic units is formed by separate acoustic elements that contribute to the sensation of sound. These elements are acoustic absorbers and diffusers used as parts of the architectural design, but also as elements of acoustic decoration of walls and ceilings.

In front of the Interpretation Centre's entrance it is planned to lay a wider pedestrian zone as an open reception area whose arrangement would also be covered by this project. In this open space, it is planned to accommodate a separate exhibition installation as a kind of spatial emphasis.